Phoenix and the Dragon

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Sent: Friday, October 15, 2007 10:09 PM
Subject: Phoenix and the Dragon, China


This email is to tell you about an extraordinary training and practice opportunity that¡¯s coming up this October in China. But first a little bit about us.

We are a new company based in Hong Kong. We are called Waving Clouds Productions Limited.

We represent and promote a group of about thirty mainland Chinese Martial Artists. They are all highly skilled in their Art and they all want to pass on their knowledge to others. Their skill and expertise is derived from a combination of strong family lineage and cultural heritage to modern day Wushu. These practitioners are the very best at what they do and reflect in their artistry traditional philosophies and teachings rarely seen in the West.

Waving Clouds and their Master Teachers delivers health and education courses and programs to clubs, schools and fitness organizations worldwide.

And we also stage events in China which brings us back to where we started.

Phoenix and the Dragon is an intensive and focused training retreat for seriously minded intermediate and advanced practitioners only.

When: October 16th ¨C 20th, 2003.

Where: Beijing Eastern Garden International Conference Centre.

It¡¯s just outside the city in a rural setting ¨C very peaceful!

The courses available are:

Three separate group classes:

1. Tai Chi Chuan & Push Hands
2. Baguazhang
3. Modern Combat Wushu

(These groups will have a maximum of 100 students and are lead by a Master Teacher supported by four additional teachers.)

Six exclusive private one-on-one classes:

1. Baguazhang
2. Chin Na
3. Cha Quan
4. Nan Quan & 9 Section Whip
5. Nan Quan & San Da
6. Fanzi Quan

(This is an excellent opportunity for students to have personalized coaching with some of our most skilled Master Teachers. We suggest you book early for these.)

Additional 60 & 90-minute one-on-one classes:

1. Wushu coaching and correction
2. Broadsword
3. Design your own class

(These provide the opportunity for group class students to get extra lessons addressing such issues as form correction, practice assessment or attention on a particular technique or style.)

For our all inclusive course fees, a more detailed agenda and information about our Master Teachers you need to go online and visit our website

If you want please feel free to contact us at

Hope you can make it!

Thank you for reading.

David, Ivy, and Peter

Waving Clouds Productions Limited

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