Merry Christmas to you and your family

From: Paul Griffin []
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 3:38 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas to you and your family



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year




As I awoke this morning thinking of many happy memories of people who I miss. Many brought so much to my own life these memories are precious to me, but  I am sure we all have similar memories to treasure from which we all benefit.


Getting on my PC looking at all the emails from friends wishing me a Merry Christmas and well wishes amongst the thousands of emails about the new penis enlargement programmes, Viagra, my wife's been talking again, never realized she new so many people!!!. Massaged my own shoulders since I have arms like a Chimp from carrying the shopping for days.


I am certain of one thing life seems to throw so many different things at each of us and if it don't kill you it just makes you stronger. I am in no position to make any real difference to any ones life.


From the heart may you be happy and fore filled besides Dr Who and Star Trek is on TV in a while.


Merry Christmas

Paul Griffin

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