Getting your students to bring a their friends to train in your club?

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Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 10:29 PM
Subject: getting your students to bring a their friends to train in your club?




Double your students overnight....


Using bring a buddy cards gets your students to effectively advertise to their friends and family. If all your students brought just one person your class would double in size literally overnight. 


The Buddy card offers a free lesson to the students friends and the labels can be tailored for tracking and rewards.


All you do is stick a label on the back of the Buddy Card with your club training times, address and the name of the student who issued it.


You can add incentives for the student to give them out to their friends, so the student gets a free lesson if his friend signs up with your club.


These buddy cards are low cost and available online available in our multi currency online shop, just click the flag in the top right corner to change the currency. Click Here or Click the Image



Paul Griffin
Black Belt International

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