Judo raises the bar!

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The Judo Revival !!


It great to see another organization forging the way ahead and creating choices in the market place.


The World Judo Alliance is making some excellent statements that will really shake up Judo and give some competition, about time too.


If a shop advised you that you couldn't use its competitors shops and had to just shop with them its called a monopoly or restricted practice. It is illegal and a few martial arts organizations limit your activities too, all illegal. The WJA hits them where it hurts, in their pocket because they are a fresh alternative.  


Governing bodies were set up to distribute grants and provide access to the Olympics. Most of us have never seen a single penny of a grant and the chance of getting our members in the countries Olympic Judo team will elude most of us. The WJA is about more choice and collectively developing without the hindering politics.


See your yourself, they seem to be genuine and deserve support from what I read on their website it seems to be working for all martial arts and grabbing a fair market share for Judoka.


To view their website click here



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