Manacing PR for Martial Arts.

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Subject: Manacing PR for Martial Arts.




Effective PR. 


Getting your club featured locally is essential PR to attract new recruits. It raises your clubs profile in the community it also shows people when and where you train.


The type of PR is important it should be targeted feature related to the community, not sport. Sports go in the sports section and this is where other sportsman and martial artists look. The thing is they already do a sport or martial art and the response is small.


Community events could have community interests, TV or movie celebrity involvement that give it media coverage and make it news worthy. Of course you will blend in a martial arts flavour and as many club details as you can. 


Features like this appear in community and public sections of the media where many people who don't do martial arts will pick up on what your doing. People who don't do any sport or martial art are more likely to consider getting involved.


With good PR it helps create new interests, more new students and helps us stop competing for students with other clubs. There are enough students or people to go around if we direct our PR effectively in to the local community.


Good events are essential to create the news worthiness and need to create a good image you can show your media contacts.


Competitions should be light and for fun as its a hobby for most. The next world Malympex event click here, book now for the World's on the 12th April 08, Stoke Mandeville Olympic Stadium, Guttman Road, Aylesbury, Buck UK. PRE BOOK ONLY. Onsite Beds from Ј11 per night.


Martial arts training with celebrities, get pics with celebrities and create fantastic features. There are many events all over the world, well worth going to. If you want to know what you are looking for and what can be achieved Click Here    and explore the options the next ITW is on the 24th, 25th May 08, at The Hilton, Hall Ings, Bradford. UK  



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International Training Weekend - Munich with Bram Frank USA, Harry Van Shaik Nederlands, Gregor Huss, Indran Tanabalan, Peter Herringer, Richard Gregory and Marie Anoveunno English or German





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