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If you’d like to post your website on my links page [ www.budoshin.com/links.htm ] please send me the following info:

                Dojo name

                Website link

                Name of sensei

                City & state

                1-2 sentence description

                Pix of your logo about 1.5 x 1.5”

You must also meet the following two conditions:

                You must be willing to display my link and logo [which I’ll send you].

                Your website must contain other jujitsu or multiple martial art links on it as well.



Just a reminder that you will receive a 5% refund on all goods purchased at the Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Store www.budoshin.com/store.htm through July 4, 2008 if you pay by PayPal.

                Please be aware that the 5% discount applies to products only. It does NOT apply to seminars or shipping & handling charges.

                So surf the store. There’s lots of neat instructional materials to expand your martial arts knowledge.



The 5th annual BJJY Summer Camp is scheduled for Aug. 15-17, 2008 in Santa Clarita, CA. We have a full weekend planned. Of special importance are the new kata requirements for 4th & 5th dan which will be presented and participants will have to for supervised practice.

                Discount for registration prior to August 1.

                This camp is open to all martial artists, mid-kyu rank & higher, who know their ukemi [break-falls].

                For more information about fees, places to stay, and other things to do in and around Santa Clarita, CA, go to www.budoshin.com/seminars.htm .


Aug. 15-17,'08: BUDOSHIN JU-JITSU SUMMER CAMP, North Oaks Park, Santa Clarita, CA. Contact George Kirby

Sept. 27,'08 [tentative date]: CAMP BUDOSHIN 2008,  So Calif location TBD. Contact George Kirby or Mark Jordan.

Oct, '08?: ADVANCED THROWS & JOINTLOCKS  SEMINAR, Rapid City, SD., Contact Doug Langworthy

Nov. 1,'08: BUDOSHIN SHODAN & NIDAN KATA SEMINAR. Arlington, VA. Contact Thomas Salander

Nov.,'08: AJA W. REGION FREESTLYE KATA TOURNAMENT. Date & location TBD. Contact Steve Pendergrass

Mar. 14,'09: JU-JITSU SEMINAR. Masters in Motion, Verdugo Rec Ctr., Burbank, CA. Contact Kris Kademian

IF YOU RECEIVED THIS E-MAIL BY MISTAKE [&/or don't want to be on my mailing list] please FORWARD THE ENTIRE E-MAIL [INCLUDING UNCHANGED SUBJECT] to  <mailto:senseigk@budoshin.com>  [removing "mailto:"]. I will see that your e-mail address is removed immediately!!

Please be aware that I do not give or sell my e-mail lists to anyone. Nor do I "bulk" e-mail [so that your e-mail address would be available for others to see or download].

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