Your part of the McDonalds Promo - What Next

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Subject: Your part of the McDonalds Promo - What Next




You have signed up for the Kung Fu Panda (KFP) promotion. That's excellent news as the KFP is a box office number 1 in the USA. We need to ensure you are able to maximise this and we need to ensure that your phones are equipped with answerphones or get answered as your new students respond to the UK promotion.


Working with you we can prepare for future promotions too, and with this in mind we need to gather some statistics from you about the promotion.


We need to to email us with how many KFP vouchers are presented to you, Name and Date of Birth. McDonalds will issue the vouchers for their free lesson and they will search for their nearest club online and present that voucher for their free lesson to that club etc. We need you to email us with the name and date of births of all who present these vouchers for their free promo lesson, SIMPLE. The email address is


If you would like a press release for your club to release to the local paper please send the name of your club and the chief instructor and I will send you the official press release tailored to your group. IT CANNOT BE ALTERED as it is approved by McDonalds, Dreamworks and Paramount. That will help stir the local papers up too.


Other items of interest are the new videos on Youtube

Malympex Part 1   From April 12 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium UK(Next one 2nd Nov 2008)

Malympex Various  Many competitors featured from clubs all over the UK

Bram Frank  One of the world best martial artists working with military from Israel etc

These three videos are just some of the professional martial arts events happening in the UK, Europe and the USA.


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