Black Belts and the back street business!

From: Black Belt International []
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 12:14 AM
Subject: Black Belts and the back street business!


10 Enquiries and only 2 turn up!!! 


What is the answer?


If you run a club, what else do you need in addition to martial arts skills? If you place adverts, posters and deliver leaflets and create loads of telephone enquiries but only a couple turn up, do you know why? When you see other clubs with hundreds of students and the instructor isn't that good but his business skills bring him so many students, isn't that irritating? If you have those martial arts skills, adding some business acumen should bring you some well earned success! This email has some links that can help you make a difference and its free, so you have nothing to lose.


Select from the links below

LINKS:  click on the link of interest below.

1.                      10 Enquiries, only 2 turn up: The professional telephone techniques

2.                      Do you understand refereeing? Want to do a free online test?

3.                      A world martial arts league the Malympex, New Teams Entered

4.                      Do you need professional policies for your club? Download them free

5.                      Munich Vs GB Martial Arts league event, have you go a team?

6.                      Free instructors Insurance with Membership (UK Only) and Students from £3

7.                      Competitions with Silvio Simac, Power Rangers, Hercules & Michele Krasnoo see left.


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