Looking to create some news for your local paper

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Subject: Looking to create some news for your local paper


Advertising, new angles for news features!



Your local newspaper's 

can be used to recruit new students free with a little creativity. The key is the newsworthiness of your feature and getting as near to the front of the paper as possible.


The offer

Action on Film offers free registration for actors, stunt men and agents, once your signed in you can view the job lead. There are currently casting and job leads in Italy and the UK from Warner Bros casting agents. You have to be registered and logged in to see the job leads.


Getting your club in the local press

Sign up to Action on Film as a Recruiter/Producer or Casting Agent, load you club logo etc. This means your press announcement to the local newspaper is that your club is a casting agent. Look at the job leads and take note. Your feature should link your martial arts and the movie industry who  looking for extras children and and adults who have martial arts experience.


Using the facility to motivate.

Motivation and retention is also important and now you have become a casting agent you can place your members as budding actors/extras online. If some one from your club gets a part it happens through you as the agent. The revenue is one issue but the potential advertising and kudo is worth more.




Black Belt International. 

Casting Call:  Action on Film




Make all the difference! Ensure you use good clear pictures and develop your online portfolio of you as casting agent and your students who want to be budding extra's.  Profiles without photos never usually get looked at.




It is better to want what you have, than to have what you want.


A change is as good as a rest.


Giving your clients a choice puts them in control and you in command of the choices



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