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Competitions, what are they worth? 

Creating Interest in your club:

Human nature can be competitive and many enjoy a challenge. Its great when you feel tested and it can inspire others and keep their interested, but it doesnt suit everyone and its nice to have a choice.


Keep Them Buzzing:

Choosing and a competition or arranging your own can both be fun and get your classes buzzing. If you want to download some rules

Running Your Own Competition

On the Malympex website there is a free download, it is intended for their competition entries.In the free 8.6MB download there are rules, free courses, match up sheets and all you need for running your own event in any martial art.


Attending the Malympex Event 

This competition has sections for Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Weapons, Forms, Taekwondo & Kickboxing in the free download on the Malympex website.


Celebrity Competition's to motivate

Keeping your students talking about your club even when they are elsewhere and using celebrity influences and the internet keep their interest. Click on the links of the following competitions:

  1. Power Ranger - Jason David Frank from the Power Ranger TV Series
  2. Hercules - Karen Sheperd from the TV series who is a Karate Diva
  3. Kickboxer - World Champion Michele Krasnoo from Kickboxer 4
  4. Unleashed - World Champ Silvio Simac from Unleashed with Jet Li & DOA

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