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Priceless to the parents of kids in your club..



Adding values to your classes will affect your abilities to retain students. The commonly seen martial arts value is self-defense and the real values to add from training go far beyond this.  As a parent what would you want for your child? To put it another way, can you add values that would make your lessons appealing to the parents of the children you teach? The reality is the parents make the decisions for their children and it makes sense to educate the parents to the other values which are priceless. This in turn will create loyalty and help prevent parents take children out of your classes or taking them training elsewhere.  


The features below highlight different ways you can grab the interests of your students and parents that help uncover other values in martial arts that reward your members and have clear potential to attract new recruits too.


BBI is always on the look out for genuine martial artists who want to raise the profile, awareness and standards of martial arts, if you have any ideas that can help develop martial arts and would like to discuss them don't hesitate to contact me. 

Paul C Griffin (


International Children's Martial Arts Awards

Parents can see their children take part in activities and receive awards from martial artists for their effort. The awards are free to participants of the training weekend. The ITW is on the 24th and 25th May 2008 at the Hilton Hotel, Hall Ings,  Bradford, UK. BBI have negotiated some excellent rates for family accommodation, food, beverages and offers the two days training workshops, children's awards, gala banquette, world demonstrations and freebies.

Weekend Training Costs Ј49 or $90 per child.

Hilton Accommodation Family Room Ј85 or $155 per night includes all u can eat b/fast

To Book By Phone Call  UK No  0871 990 3203  International No +44 871 990 3203


Martial Arts Competitions  

Getting the right benefits doesn't depend on your students winning. Many of us are naturally competitive and challenges motivate us because we enjoy being given an opportunity to win.

If you would like to compete internationally, bring a world competition challenge to your club email and outline what you want.

On Sunday the  11th May 2008 in South West England Instructor Steve Drage has organised a world S Factor Challenge through the MALYMPEX. Categories include Semi Contact, Light Continuous,  Kick Demonstration & Forms.

Enquiries to:-Stephen Drage



Tel: 01726 81               2209Mob 07886 285995

 Membership with free insurance

Many martial arts groups around the world are discovering working with insurance companies can make their membership packages more attractive by adding extra value. Black Belt International has no intention to do this but welcomes members to let us know what you offer so we can advise other martial artists in your locality.

In the UK the latest BBI Association Member can offer a great deal and using the voucher below you can save even more money.

Save 10%

Save 10% when you join the BNMAA with any Membership Package including Instructors Liability, Indemnity and Prefessional Negligence Cover.

Email:  quote BNMAA Membership Promotion.

 Additional Benefits:

 100 Students at Ј12.99 per month including insurance.

 Free inclusion into the TV and McDonalds Promotions.

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