McDonalds Martial Arts Promotion - More students 4 you

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Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:35 AM
Subject: McDonalds Martial Arts Promotion - More students 4 you



Get your share of thousands of new students!


Black Belt international are working with the UK's British National Martial Arts Association on a massive promotion of a summer kids movie block buster and McDonalds who will be promoting it thoughtout the 12,000 UK McDonalds Restaurants.


With over 100,000 daily sales of happy meals and associated free merchandise all with details of McDonalds and BNMAA website details and promotion of a intro free lesson to start them in martial arts.


If you want to be part of this promotion and get your fair share of new students and can offer a free lesson or two in the UK you can sign up right now just CLICK HERE. 



Currently this promotion is in the UK ONLY, but we are working on similar promotions in mainland Europe, USA and Australia.


These promotions rely solely on numbers and if you want to increase your countries chances of sponsorship please join for free. We wont dictate just network and provide choices to a massive martial arts community.


In anticipation, Thanks Again



Paul Griffin
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Getting ready for summer season and the drop in numbers associated to holidays and summer activities. Now is the time to put things in motion to recruit new students and provide activities that encourage members to return training after their holidays. 





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