Has your Martial Arts Club got a unique selling point?

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Subject: Has your Martial Arts Club got a unique selling point?

Keeping ahead of the other local clubs !!! 


On the Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May 2008 BBI have organised an International Training Weekend. The package prices start at Ј49 for both days for children, Ј79 for Adults and Ј99 for Instructors.


What's on offer?

Children's Awards, Workshops, Courses, Adult Awards, Gala Banquette with celebrities and world renowned martial artists from Europe and the USA.


Instructors courses include:

First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, Coaching, Health & safety, Child Protection.


Workshops include:

XMA, Dynamic Kicking, Screen Fighting, Weapons, Self Defence, Dynamic Kicking and much more.


Excellent opportunity to create some good press for your club and keep up to date with local council requirements. We can provide you with some excellent PR freebies too that will give a route into your local press. Look at what you can do on this event CLICK HERE and call  or email me to book in.




Paul Griffin (email: paulgriffin@blackbeltintl.com  Call:  07793 653000)
Black Belt International



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