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Sent: Monday, May 12, 2008 1:33 PM
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The Malympex World Martial Arts Championship has put over 600 photos online they can be viewed for free CLICK HERE . In addition to the Action there are some Portraits to, they really show of this high caliber event. This new MAPS website is brilliant for distributing and selling your photos to your students, you simply upload them and anyone wishing to buy them pays and downloads and you get paid. Photos can be purchased individually or in bulk (per day rate) which is cheaper. The best bit is it costs nothing to join and use and when you sell a photo you make money. Even when its not making money you can use the key words to attract surfers to the image because of ingenious software that works with the search engines.


Seven Key Feature Benefits:

  1. Sell & Distribute Photos & Video World Wide.
  2. Free Membership and Free to Use.
  3. Uses your own keywords as advertising on search engines.
  4. Free pre and post advertising, just upload.
  5. Sell pictures to your students online.
  6. Distribute press features online.
  7. Absolutely FREE

When there is nothing to lose, why wait.


Paul Griffin
Black Belt international


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