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UK, June 2008:- Anthony Aurelius, ‘the UK’s No.1 Fitness Expert’ has released a really exciting new workout.  CHOI-BO is the first workout DVD and forthcoming televised workout to be shot in full High Definition format in Europe, (watch a short trailer at, and Choi-Bo Productions Ltd. are now looking for 2 fitness experts/martial artists/dancers - one male, one female - to star in Choi-Bo 2.


Anthony Aurelius – who is fast becoming known as ‘The Jamie Oliver of Fitness!’ - has designed this workout for adults and young people alike.  Indeed, Anthony is aiming to do with Choi-Bo what Jamie Oliver did with School Dinners, for he will be actively promoting the workout to schools as well as through health & fitness clubs.  He’s even encouraging youngsters to teach Choi-Bo: Suzy Bennett, who stars in the DVD and Television Broadcast of Choi-Bo with Anthony Aurelius and Marius Sacalean, is just 14 years old, and she’s training to be a Choi-Bo Instructor too.  Aurelius says “Young people should be encouraged not just to exercise, but also to teach exercise classes in schools under the supervision of their teachers.  This will teach them how to exercise properly and also develop leadership skills at an early age.”

Choi-Bo is a non-confrontational, non-competitive, FUN exercise workout routine to music which is suitable for adults and youths.  However, behind the fun is substance.  Choi-Bo has 7 separate, yet integrated components for health and fitness to deliver a complete workout for the mind, body and spirit.

Choi-Bo’s focus, rather like Yoga and Pilates, is to improve Body Awareness (deepen the connection between the mind and body). 
The benefit of this approach is that it enables participants to concentrate fully upon the exercises and martial art techniques they are performing which enhances the health benefits of this type of structured, biomechanical exercise.

The workout could be likened to a ‘moving meditation’, in fact, Suzy Bennett says, “Choi-Bo is like a dance, which is perhaps why it is so enjoyable to do”.

The Auditions for Choi-Bo 2 in August ‘08 in London, Australia and the USA are sure to be a mixture of Strictly Come Dancing and the X-Factor
For more information about Choi-Bo, to become a Choi-Bo Instructor or to apply on-line to audition for Choi-Bo 2 please visit:



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